When he was growing up, the Majority Leader was very popular. . . with his mother. Everyone else thought he was sort of a tool, and it seems he’s done everything in his power since then to cultivate that image. The “Dean” of this “College” of public servants, the Major approaches every day with caution, a negative disposition, and the knowledge that at some point today, one of these punks will fart while he’s talking. Gliding along effortlessly on his Segway (which some say is fueled by spite, others say high-octane bitch-juice) he rules the Senate with an iron fist and occasionally even a gavel. Needless to say, he is not friends with Benny, Jack, Tom, and Babs (anymore). If controlling the Senate is like herding cats, controlling the House of Senators crew is like herding drunken, vaseline-covered cats zipping around on those light bikes from Tron.